Senior Portfolio


At Colchester High School, everyone was required to create some sort of senior portfolio. This could be a physical portfolio that showcases physical medals or it could be a website. Instead of just using one of the recommended site builders like Weebly or Wix, I decided to try out Gatsby. Gatsby is a JavaScript library that allows you to create static sites with React. It actually compiles your JSX and CSS/SCSS into HTML/CSS that way your users don't have to wait for JS to load or be forced to enable JS in their browser: it works just like a normal website. Its biggest advantage is dynamically building content from a CMS through a GraphQL interface. While I didn't use that feature here (I did use a CMS for the site you're reading this on, however), I did make use of some neat features like automatic optimization of images and super quick page-loading times when switching between menu items.

While this is far from my best work, I'm quite proud of it to this day.

with by Alexander Cardosi