Upright Builders


During my senior year of High School, Michael Irwin approached a classmate and me about potentially created a website for a local construction company he was starting called Upright Builders. We happily agreed as real world experience was something we both wanted. My classmate, Alex Goodman, made two fantastic logos for the company and I was tasked with creating a Wordpress Theme for the website. While I hadn't had any experience working with Wordpress themes before, I told the client I'd give learning it a shot.

I used a boilerplate Wordpress theme to prevent any accidental loss of functionality and to make developing the theme easier. After emails back and forth, I customized the site nearly to the client's liking. Unfortunately, with SkillsUSA and other coursework, I had to eventually stop working on the site. I'm not all that happy with this site, I think it's pretty unfinished. I know I could have done better with this site, and it's a shame we didn't get more time to work on it. While I think it's a good example a of a real world project, I'm a bit ashamed of its blatant design flaws and bugs.

with by Alexander Cardosi