Since I already built a music interface, I decided to build a Movie and TV Show interface? I built this website using React, Material-UI, and TheMovieDB's API. Their API was very well built and I constructed this whole interface around it. I use their ID's for everything and make API requests for specific data when appropriate. Material-UI is a fantastic framework that I used in my Euterpe project as well. It's really easy to work with and looks really clean and modern.

I decided to take on this project because I wanted to better understand how to properly utlize an API. I now feel confident that given a well constructed API I can design a modern-looking UI for it.

If I were to do this project over, I would probably use TypeScript. TypeScript adds much better type support to JavaScript and makes mantaining a web app that much easier. Other than that, I wouldn't change much about this project.

Overall, I'm pretty happy about this project. Working with TheMovieDB's API was a lot of fun and made this website that much more enjoyable to create.

with by Alexander Cardosi